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The safest of all clays, Pink clay is believed to be suitable for all skin types due to its mild nature. It is a gentle face polisher, fights skin ageing and wrinkles. Flaxseed powder is packed with fatty acids keeping skin plump and hydrated. Flaxseed powder also fights saggy skin and wrinkles and helps in skin firming.

• Pink clay has Anti-Ageing & Skin tightening properties. The copper in pink clay boosts collagen production and increases skin elasticity.
• Pink clay is a natural Face polisher and Cleanser.
• Pink clay unclogs pores and helps in pore-tightening.
• Fatty acids in flaxseed powder keep skin smooth, plump & hydrated.
• Anti-oxidant properties of flaxseed powder prevent/lessen fine lines & wrinkles and makes skin less saggy.
• Flaxseed powder helps soothe irritated skin.
• Arrowroot powder is a natural cleanser and promotes healing of the skin.

How to Use: Add Rose Water/ yogurt/ aloe vera gel, make a paste, apply on face for a few minutes and rinse off.