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  • Cold Pressed Kalonji Oil - Naturals
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Cold Pressed Kalwanji Oil

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  • Cold Pressed
  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • Live Oil Extraction
  • 120 ML
  • 250 ML

Black Seed Oil

Naturals' Black Seed Oil or Kalonji oil is Cold Pressed using the finest quality seeds at Naturals' live oil extraction facility, available at our outlet. Black seeds have been used in remedies for thousands of years. This oil, being 100% pure and free from all kinds of preservatives, additives or food colorings, preserves the real essence and natural nutritional value of these seeds within. Black Seed Oil has shown promise in treating some of the most common health conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, rheumatoid arthritis, stomach upset and asthma. It is also thought to have anticancer properties and may help fight against skin cancers when applied topically. This oil has several applications and benefits for problematic skin conditions. The oil's beauty benefits include keeping hair hydrated and soft, improving skin moisture and hydration, reducing inflammation and the presence of bacteria to aid in wound healing, treating acne and enhancing your skin. Naturals' Black Seed oil has multiple uses, it can be applied to the skin and hair or taken by the spoonful, depending on how you choose to benefit from it.

Health Benefits: 

  • Controls Hair Loss
  • Improves Skin Health
  • Prevents Skin Cancer
  • Fights Acne
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Body Massage
  • Reduces Allergy
  • Helps Treat Achy Joints
  • Increasing Breast-Milk Flow