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Ramadan Ration Pack 3

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Rejoice in the spirit of sharing this month with our reasonably priced ration packs.

Package 3 :

  1. Naturals Wheat Flour 10kg
  2. Mezan Ghee 1kg
  3. Basmati Rice 1kg
  4. Sugar 1kg
  5. Date Aseel 1kg
  6. Chaat Masala 50gm
  7. Salt 800gm
  8. Naturals Baisan 1kg
  9. Naturals Daal Chana 500gm
  10. Pakorian 500gm
  11. Naturals Chilli 200gm
  12. Lipton Tea 190gm
  13. Jam e Shirin 800ml