hialayan rock salt

Himalayan Rock Salt

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500 gm 

  • Pure
  • NON Gmo
  • Adulteration Free
  • Packed Daily Fresh

Naturals Himalayan salt is the purest rock salt mined in the lower reaches of the Himalayas in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is 100 % unrefined, natural and non-iodized, free from all environmental pollution and with no additives. This salt of the Himalayas is of best quality and has a wonderful colour and a mild taste. 

The pink colour of this rock salt has to be attributed to traces of iron compounds. This salt is not only beautiful to look at but has a lot of applications: 

It is a high-quality edible salt for cooking and for seasoning on the grill. For additional table seasoning or as a seasoning on finished dishes,

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